Have a perfect, elegant chin with Kybella

You work out, eat healthily, and do everything you can to be fit and ultimately you achieve your goal, but somehow you cannot affect your chin area. The cause to this is of course age, skin can’t stay elastic forever. For many middle-aged women, this is a frustrating problem especially if the extra fat on your neck forms a double chin. In reality, it affects man and woman equally and unfortunately cannot be treated naturally with diet and working out. The good news is that science can help. Kybella is approved treatment for double chin or submental fullness that is easy to perform and effective.

Eliminate your double chin with Kybella

Kybella started as a Hollywood trend used by celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and now is available for everyone on the market. It is a simple injection with deoxycholic acid that breaks down and absorbs the fat fast and easy. The substance actually exists naturally in our body.  Kybella is effective because not only it absorbs the existing fat it also prevents cells from building additional fat.


With Kybella you will get results after a few treatments. The optimal results can be achieved with two to six injections over a six – month period. You won’t get instant results however after a few months you can expect a smaller amount of fat and long-term effect. Of course, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a must if you want your results to last permanently.

However, if you want faster results and a special Kybella solution we can help! Contact us here: http://luxlaserskincare.com/contact-us/ for more info.

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