Microblading is the latest trend in eyebrow aesthetics, which fills out thin brows or reshapes them by drawing small, thin lines that resemble real hair. The result is natural-looking, multi-dimensional brows that don’t look too obviously drawn on. It is recommended for clients who have very thin to non-existent brow hairs or for those who have lost their brows due to alopecia or some other underlying medical condition. However, anyone can get microbladed brows; it all depends whether you just want to simplify your morning makeup routine, don’t know how or don’t want to bother with filling your brows in, or simply want to get a full shapely brow. Microblading is the perfect treatment for you! Let our Everlasting Brows expert help you find the perfect shape for your eyebrows.

It is done with a handheld tool that puts pigment into the skin, but doesn’t go nearly as deep as an actual tattoo would. Microbladed brows can last up to eighteen months and are considered semi-permanent. You may need two sessions for best results: an initial appointment and a touch-up when the brow has healed a little better.

It’s recommended that you discontinue retinol one week prior to the procedure, especially if you happen to use it frequently. We also advise that you consume less alcohol and try not to take aspirin. These substances inhibit the clotting of blood and will cause you to bleed more during the procedure. The procedure should be relatively painless, but ask our staff how they can make the experience more pleasant if you happen to be sensitive to pain.

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